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Our Sustainability Journey

As a company, we care about the environment and our impact on the earth. We understand that our planet is under stress and it is important to us that we do everything within our means to make sure our product has the lowest carbon footprint possible. Our goal is to be as transparent about the product we provide to you and your best friend.


Our Leather:

It was crucial to commit to pieces of the highest quality leather we could find; it will ensure the collars and leashes durability, longevity, and ability to be repaired (as opposed to replaced) over time. Within our quest, we wanted to keep the highest quality and make sure the leather we use is a byproduct that would otherwise be waste. We're happy to say that we were lucky enough to have met our goals. Not only is our leather the highest of quality, but we were able to make sure It wouldn't end up in a landfill or be burned.


Responsible Manufacturing:

When it comes to the manufacturing of LÖFY Goods, it was essential for us to contend with the potential impacts of our products on the environment. We have established a relationship with a small production team of 3-4 people that use little to no electricity while assembling our products. When we say our products our hand made, we mean it, no machines or production facilities needed. 



As a Canadian company manufacturing in Mexico, we're happy to say we only have to rely on land and air when shipping our products. The four prominent companies we use have set attainable goals to cut emissions significantly within the next ten years. Anyone interested in learning more about the plans and progress these companies have set out and made, visit Canada Post, FedEx, UPS and DHL websites to learn more.  

When we first started LÖFY Goods, we wanted to make sure our packaging was environmentally friendly. Over the years we have seen how much goes into packaging when ordering anything online. The Kraft boxes we use are made from 100% recycled Kraft material and printed with earth-friendly inks. We can also say that the Kraft boxes are 100% compostable, recyclable, and made from lightweight, sturdy, E-flute board, ensuring our shipping is as sustainable as possible. For every order we put in for packaging material, a tree is planted for LÖFY Goods in areas of need. 


LÖFY Goods is an Eco Alliance member!